“Let nothing perturb us. Let our body’s impurity remind us of our heart’s spontaneous purity. Let our outer finite thoughts remind us of our inner infinite will. Let our mind’s teeming imperfections remind us of our soul’s limitless perfection.”
– Sri Chinmoy

The Infinite is the canvas on which the finite is multifariously portrayed; the Eternal, the stage on which time’s dramas are played; the Immortal, the energising current of which our life-breath is made. Without the Infinite, nothing finite can come into being; without Eternity, time is inconceivable; without Immortality, life cannot draw breath.

The Source of all is Light, Truth, Love and Peace. Darkness exists only as an absence of light; falsehood only in the corruption of truth; hatred in the perversion of love; war as an interruption of peace.

Let us therefore always and only focus on the positive, the Source: the infinite, eternal, immortal Divine within us. When we identify with our divine Source, we see that we embody everything divine, as well as all that has its source in divinity – all ignorance, darkness, division, weakness and limitation.

Stationed in the divine, we can no longer be threatened by the undivine, for we trace it always back to its source, which is our own.

Darkness persists as long as light and darkness stay apart, fearful of each other. When we perceive ignorance, weakness and limitations as included in our own greater being – not as external foes – we accept responsibility to care for and illumine them, as our thumb helps our fingers.

When our inner darkness and light embrace one another, there remains only light. When illumination stands eagerly waiting to catch its fall, ignorance can threaten us no more: rather, each faltering failure offers a beckoning gateway to our faster progress and fuller transformation.