As meditation is the most natural state of pure being, so is Nature itself a perfect expression of pure meditation.

Sri Chinmoy writes:

“The best way to appreciate nature’s beauty is to sit and meditate with nature. If you take a tree as nature, then sit at the foot of a tree and meditate. If you take the sun as an expression of nature, then look at the sun and meditate. If you take the ocean or sea as nature, then sit in front of the water and meditate. While looking at the tree or the sun or the ocean, try to feel your oneness with it. Anything that you consider as nature or nature’s beauty, you should try to become one with.

“Again, if you want a particular thing from nature, you have to go to that thing. If you want to have vastness, then just go out of the house and look at the sky and you will enter into vastness. If you want to have a very vast, pure consciousness, then stand in front of a river and meditate on the river. And if you want to achieve height in your life, then go to a mountain and meditate there. If you want to meditate on the power aspect of life, then look at the sun and meditate. The sun represents power, not the power that destroys, but the power that creates, originates. And if you want to have mildness, softness, tenderness in your life, then you can meditate on the moon.

“So whatever you want, you have to stand in front of that particular thing and invoke it. You have to invoke the spirit of nature or become one with the soul of nature. That is the best kind of identification.”

– Sri Chinmoy