For meditation, it is best to wear and to surround oneself with light colours.

Colours have vibrations – indeed, colours are vibrations – and while we are always influenced by the vibrations around and within us, in the intensity of meditation, we are more susceptible to these vibrations. In meditation, everything is heightened – our awareness, sensitivity and receptivity – so vibrations will affect us more in meditation, than at other times. Therefore, it is more important for us to be mindful of the colours we wear and the colours we surround ourselves with – the colours of our room, the walls, carpet and curtains – during our meditation, than at other times of the day.

Colour feeds us as food feeds us; colour moves us as music moves us; colour fulfils us as reading fulfils us. Colours can lift us up or bring us down. Various colours can soothe, energise, inspire, encourage, excite, weaken or dishearten us.

White is the simplest, safest and surest colour to wear and to surround ourselves with in meditation, as white offers the least distraction from our meditation-task, and will never have any negative effect on us.

White represents purity: just as purity paves the way for all other divine qualities – peace, light, love and joy – so white embodies the good qualities of all the brighter colours. Like purity, the colour white works on two fronts – it nourishes and enhances the divine within us, while simultaneously keeping the undivine at bay. While it may not be practical to have an entirely white meditation room, it is by far the best colour for the walls and ceiling.

Black and brown should always be avoided for meditation; choose any light or bright coloured clothing to suit your mood as light colours will always uplift and inspire us.