To find our inner cry, we must identify with our soul, which is ceaselessly crying on our behalf.

When asked, what are the first steps in the spiritual life, Sri Chinmoy replied:

“The spiritual life will give you inner peace, joy and bliss in abundant measure. People cry for name, fame, earthly achievement, success and progress and so many things. They are right in their own way. But you should start crying inwardly from this moment on for joy, peace of mind and the awakening of your inner consciousness.

“We have, all of us, two different types of consciousness: one is finite, which is earthbound; the other is infinite. This infinite Consciousness, this universal Consciousness is within us. So early in the morning, go deep within. Focus your concentration on your heart and try to feel there the existence of a child crying within you. This is your soul. Then consciously try to identify with this inner being, which is absolutely yours. When you are identified with this inner being, you will see the inner being is crying for you, has been crying for you and will cry for you for eternity unless and until you have become inseparably one with the Absolute Truth.

“So, early in the morning for five or ten minutes, please try to go deep within with your conscious mind or with your pure, sincere heart and feel the necessity of the inner life. Once you feel the necessity, your inner being will guide you, mould you and shape you along the path. Finally, you can march and run along the path. If you can go deep within and sow the seed of aspiration with your inner cry, then sooner or later you are bound to get a bumper crop.”
– Sri Chinmoy