Seated comfortably with a straight back, begin by focusing on your breathing, regulating the inflowing and outflowing breath by counting slowly to a number of your choice. Dismiss all extraneous thoughts, feelings, desires and distractions as you hone your focus and become absorbed in just breathing, counting.

Our breath brings us a profound spiritual message: the message of oneness. All humans, animals, trees and plants are at once breathing the same air, the one earth-atmosphere. Though breathing through countless lungs, we are all sharing one breath – the breath of life. So it is, that our one breath in myriad breaths, connects us directly with every living breathing being on this planet: with every human, each animal, tree and tiniest plant.

Still focussed on your breathing, imagine our planet Earth slowly revolving in space inside your heart, a delicate tender globe enveloped in light. As you breath, imagine all the beings on our planet are breathing in sync with you: like one big orchestra, feel that you are breathing one breath – your breath – on behalf of all beings, on behalf of Earth herself.

We all know our world is imperfect, just as we are ourselves imperfect beings. We have so many weaknesses, shortcomings, problems and failings. Forget about our flaws – just imagine three qualities which our world most needs in order to be more perfect; three qualities you yourself need to become a better person. Now consciously breathe in each of these three qualities: observe them flowing directly into your heart, and into the hearts of all who are sharing your breath, the beating hearts of every living being of our world-family. From all hearts, perfection flows outward into the thoughts, feelings, eyes, smiles and actions of all.

Through your each and every breath, world-perfection slowly dawns.