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Imagination has tremendous power: use it to your advantage. Imagine your house is on fire and your morning alarm is a real fire alarm; or a ghoulish monster is coming to devour you if you stay in bed one moment longer; or you will be rewarded with infinite inspiration, satisfaction and bliss if you get up to meditate this very moment.

Another ‘trick’, especially useful when you have to get up after just a brief sleep, is to imagine you have already slept for a full 24 hours. This cannot be just an idle thought: you must firmly believe you have been in your bed, sound asleep, for 24 hours and you are now fully surcharged with all the benefit of complete rest and rejuvenation. Returning to bed is now out of the question!

Take some simple exercise for a few minutes – stretching, a few yoga poses or a light jog – to awaken the physical heart and get your blood flowing. Imagine that pure light is flowing through your veins and nerves, from your core to your furthest extremities and with this light comes spontaneous dynamic energy, inspiration and aspiration surcharging your whole being, inner and outer.

Water symbolises consciousness. Taking a shower not only refreshes and cleanses us physically: water activates our consciousness. Immersing ourselves in water, our conscious awareness is mobilised and invigorated. We are invariably much more alert after a shower – even a cold shower if necessary! If we cannot take a shower, it is essential to at least wash our face, as even this contact with water can tremendously awaken and invigorate us. It is helpful also to drink a glass of water, hot or cold, either straight or with lemon or your favourite “wake-me-up” tonic.

(to be continued …)