As we can meditate on music, a mantra, an ideal or a creative visualisation scene, so we can meditate on a colour.

Not everyone will be inspired to meditate on colours, nor need everyone try. For those who have strong visual sensibility and sensitivity, colour meditation can be most effective. It is not recommended to meditate on colours as the main focus of our practise; but rather as an occasional supplementary exercise to help with specific areas of our spiritual wellbeing and growth.

We can meditate, eyes open, on the colour of a physical object in front of us; or with eyes closed, on an imaginary colour of our inner vision.

As each colour has its own vibration and its own energy, so each colour embodies particular qualities that we may be seeking at one time or another. Just as we get vitamin C from oranges, protein from nuts or calcium from milk, so colours can nourish us in particular ways, each colour offering remedies for specific deficiencies we may have, or infusing us with an abundance of the qualities we need for our progress and success.

White is always the colour for purity and divinity: purity embodies all the divine qualities.

For good reason, blue is most people’s favourite colour: it is the colour of vastness, spirituality and expansion into the infinite. The best blue to meditate on is the sky itself on a clear, sunny day. Invoke blue when you long for peace.

Green embodies newness, vitality and enthusiasm: meditate on the green of a forest or an open field of grass – or even, a tree frog.

Red is the colour of power and dynamic energy.

Gold represents the highest manifestation – our journey’s goal.

Purple embodies glory and the divine manifested on earth.