Flowing silent, unseen, often unknown and unsuspected, an underground river brings life, energy, hope, inspiration, refreshment, nourishment and fulfilment.

We each have a beautiful, powerful and ever-reliable underground river flowing somewhere beneath our surface awareness. No matter how bleak, barren and hopeless our outer circumstances, our life-giving, life-nourishing, life-transforming, life-perfecting and life-fulfilling soul flows constantly within.

The source of our underground river is the soul’s world, the spiritual realm of infinite Peace, eternal Light and immortal Bliss. Our underground river flows alike through our life and death, through sleep and wakefulness, action and inaction, time and timelessness, success and failure, progress and regress, hope and despair.

The underground river of our soul is more real, more alive, more powerful and reliable than anything we will ever encounter in our outer life, or even imagine.

It is tremendously encouraging to know that we each have this underground river within. Yet simply knowing of its existence is not enough; it flows not just to connect our one life with the next and the next beyond that; it flows not to be admired or appreciated, painted or praised; it flows to be swam in, to be drunk from, to drown our weaknesses and imperfections in, to power our turbines of creativity, to cleanse our bodies, purify our vitals, clarify our minds, hydrate our hearts, irrigate our actions and drench our lives.

Meditation reveals our underground river; it gives us a glimpse, and reassurance of its existence. Daily meditation maps and digs a tunnel to our underground river; it gives us access, and a pipeline to channel and utilise its life-flow. Practise of the spiritual life brings our underground river to the surface and employs it for constant good, flooding the fields of our conscious awareness with inspiration, aspiration and dedication.