“There is something that can never be old,
And that is my heart’s inner cry.”

– Sri Chinmoy

“As you cannot remain alive
With yesterday’s food,
Even so, today you cannot remain
Spiritually alive
With yesterday’s inner cry.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Our inner cry impels us always forward, inward and upward. The moment our inner cry recedes, our progress stalls and we start to fall backwards, slide outwards, slip downwards. Our inner cry envelopes us with energy and dynamism; when it ceases, we lapse into lethargy and stagnation.

That is why our inner cry has to be new, refreshed at every moment, or it loses impetus, tires, becomes a whimper and accepts defeat. Like a fire that has to be continually stoked, to remain alive and effective, our inner cry requires our constant attention, concern and vigilance; it thrives and flourishes when it is loved, treasured and appreciated.

Just as our heart’s inner cry can never be old, so the radiance of its constant yearning keeps us ever young and childlike. Focused always on our expansion, purity and progress, our inner cry keeps our consciousness fresh and youthful; our most effective anti-ageing agent.

Like a self-charging battery, the more we engage our inner cry, the more it energises us with purity, clarity, inspiration and purpose.

Our heart’s inner cry is the current of our spiritual life-river. As long as the current is surging, the river is perpetually renewing itself. And like the current, which seems to propel the river forwards yet is actually following gravity’s call beckoning the river towards the ocean – so is the architect and origin of our inner cry not our own heart, but our own eternity’s Source.

We are the children of our inner cry; our inner cry the voice of our child-pure heart-sky.