“If you want to develop
A special bond of oneness-delight
With God,
Then use your unused inner cry.”

– Sri Chinmoy

This poem carries such power, promise, allure, beauty, intimacy, urgency, agency and thrill! Who would not want to develop a special bond of oneness-delight with God? Is this not the secret purpose of our every breath and heartbeat? And here, this prize is so close, within our grasp…

That Sri Chinmoy points to our inner cry as the pathway to this goal is no surprise: however, he specifically nominates “your unused inner cry” as the anointed pathfinder for this quest. We do not need anything new: we only need activate something we already have within; realign our priorities, reorient our goals, reorder the cards of our deck.

The same truth is coloured differently in another poem:

“Somewhere God’s Bliss can be seen —
True, but where?
In the home of the seeker’s
inner cry.”

– Sri Chinmoy

The home of our inner cry is our soul, God’s representative within us: trace our inner cry to its source, its home, to find ourselves face to face with our soul, resonant with God’s Bliss. We have only to keep our inner cry always alive, always active: then by feeling it, loving it, treasuring and embracing our inner cry, we return with it to its home, God’s Home in us, our soul.

The highest capability of a human is to live always in our infinite, immortal soul, the soul’s consciousness permeating and reigning redolent in our heart, mind, vital and body.

What is the secret, then, to live always and only in our soul? When asked this question, Sri Chinmoy replied:

“Through the constant, sleepless and breathless inner cries of the heart we can live in the soul only.”
– Sri Chinmoy