“When a child cries, no matter where his mother is, the mother comes. She knows the child is hungry; he needs milk. In the spiritual life also, when we cry for Peace, Light and Bliss, immediately a spiritual Master will come.”
– Sri Chinmoy

The child’s role is only to cry; the mother’s role is to meet the child’s need.

A child cries with utmost sincerity, intensity and commitment. There is no calculation, hidden agenda or ulterior motive. The child is not even thinking of why or for what they cry; they just cry with their whole being, becoming their cry and nothing else, with no part of themself observing, reserved or standing aloof. It’s all in.

It is the mother’s job to know what the child is crying for and to fulfil that cry.

If we are sincere, we have to acknowledge that, spiritually, we are little children, we are babies – we don’t know who we are, where we have come from, where we are heading, or how we will get there. So, like the babies we are, our only task and need is to cry within, wholeheartedly and unreservedly. It is then up to our soul, our spiritual Master or God to answer and fulfil our cry.

The child who doesn’t cry is left alone by their parents, who assume they have everything they need and are happy. Similarly, if we do not cry with utmost intensity and sincerity as a small child, then God, our own soul and the higher forces will likely leave us alone, assuming we are not in need of any inner assistance, guidance or nourishment.

All book knowledge and meditation techniques are of no avail, unless we are consumed with the only indispensable requirement for spiritual progress: our inner cry.