“It is the inner cry that can and will solve all our problems. Like a runner – a runner has to run the fastest; if he wants to run the fastest, then he will not wear Winter boots or a heavy coat. So, here also, if one is a sincere seeker, he will not be loaded with thoughts and ideas, worries, anxieties.”
– Sri Chinmoy

How does the inner cry solve all our problems?

Problems are inextricably linked with our thought process; our thinking mind is a problem factory. Problems arise from, are nourished and perpetuated by thoughts. When we are successful in clearing our mind of thoughts, so-called problems magically evaporate.

We know that to clear our mind of thoughts, worries and distractions requires an intense effort of will, summoned by a sincere inner cry. One notion of how prayer works, is that our problems are solved on our behalf by God or a higher power responding to our prayer. Our inner cry is seen as an advocate or agent, acting on our behalf.

Yet in a real sense, the inner cry itself obliterates our problems by eclipsing our thought process.

We cannot look in two opposing directions at once; thinking and the inner cry are incompatible. To summon and engage our inner cry, demands our full attention and immersion. An active inner cry subsumes our conscious awareness, sealing our mind’s doors from within and blocking all other claims on our attention. The thoughts and distractions flocking at our mind’s door, find no admittance. With nowhere to settle, thoughts, worries and their extended family of problems, are forced to turn away.

The inner cry not only solves all existing problems: as long as our inner cry stays fresh, it will protect us from future problems as well.