“Keep all your meditation-wealth
Safe inside your heart-wallet.
Then when you are attacked by fear,
Doubt, anxieties or worries,
Just bring forward the peace, love and joy
Which you have safeguarded.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Our wallet represents and contains our wealth, treasure, protection and insurance – even our identification.

Our wealth we use to obtain all the things we need for our success, progress, happiness and wellbeing. Our treasures are the things we value most and like to keep close to us – keepsakes, photos of loved ones, items of inspiration or memorabilia. Our protection and insurance keep us safe from the prospect of poverty, hunger, depression, failure and ruin. Our identification shows ourselves and the world who we really are.

Our heart holds the source, the home, the host, the guide, the journey and goal of our meditation. Our heart is the doctor and the remedy. Our heart is not only all the money in the bank; it is the bank itself. It is all the treasures of the museum, and the museum itself. It is all music and the concert hall; all drama and the theatre; all learning and the university; it is each colour as well as the rainbow; each tree and the forest; each star and the galaxy; each player, the whole team and the very game; all routes up the mountain, the entire mountain and its summit panorama.

Our heart leads us to meditation; meditation connects us to our heart. Meditation is at once the food our heart needs and the nourishment it gives; our heart’s soil, seed, flower and fruit. Our heart explores meditation; meditation reveals our heart.

Our heart-wallet and our meditation-wealth are one and the same, the inhalation and exhalation of our spirituality, twin gates opening to our soul’s kingdom – our sole identity.