“Because you are consciously spiritual,
On each of your birthdays
Your soul comes to you to energise you,
Inspire you and give you additional strength
To go forward in your aspiration-life.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Intuitively, we know our birthdays are special, which is why we celebrate them. If our values are material and social, we celebrate with gifts and indulging in outer pleasures with friends. If our values are spiritual, we will give priority to our source – our soul, and its Source – God, remembering and focusing on the purpose for which our soul took birth in this form at this time.

It is recommended to set aside extra time to meditate on our birthday, and to meditate more often – say, four or five times during the day – to make the most of this rare opportunity to enter into the glow of our soul’s light and flow of our soul’s purpose. This is the time to be grateful for our acceptance of the spiritual life, and rededicate ourselves to our highest goals.

Like the waxing moon, many spiritual seekers feel that the soul may start coming to the fore several days in advance of our birthday, and remain prominent for some days thereafter. If you feel this, please meditate more during these days as well. Like anything in life, the more we value and express gratitude for any blessing, the more we will receive from the opportunity.

So, whatever you may or may not believe about the soul or God or the meaning of life, be sure to accept your birthday –¬ your Soul’s Day – as a sacred occasion, a blessingful opportunity to connect, commune with and embrace your pure and authentic self, and to recommit to your spiritual life, renewing your soul’s promise, your life’s true purpose.