The concept of “media” has come to be used for any means by which news, information, misinformation, opinion or ideology is conveyed to an audience. Most “media” has an agenda, with us as its target. We are now inundated with media – “mainstream media”, “alternative media”, “electronic media”, “social media” – all vying for our attention, time, loyalty and often, our money.

Most of our familiar media engages our mind and vital by capturing our attention outward to the externals of our being and our world. Meditation engages our heart and soul by focusing our attention inward to the essentials of our being and our very existence.

The media of meditation is satisfaction in peace, light and bliss. To access the media of meditation requires a calm, thought-free mind and a wide-open, aspiring heart. The only subscription required is our sincere longing and regular, dedicated practise.

While outer media is constantly around us, bombarding us from all directions, our meditation media is eternally within us. While outer media seems to be always coming to get something from us, our meditation media patiently awaits our summons, only to offer itself and its boundless wealth to us.

How is the media of meditation broadcast? Within ourselves, through the experience and realisation of peace, light and bliss. To those around us, our meditation media is broadcast through our radiant smile, unflappable poise, kindness and empathy in word and deeds, our ready self-giving and encouragement, our silent reassurance, positive energy and enthusiasm, our playfulness and good humour.

The media of meditation sumptuously fulfils our every need and nourishes all who come into our orbit. Yet – the more we are distracted by the outer media, the less time and space we have for our meditation media. The choice is ours, at every moment.