In meditation and the spiritual life, the master key to open every door and reach every goal is the inner cry, aspiration. Sri Chinmoy was asked for some techniques for increasing one’s heart-power. His answer was succinct:

“Cry, cry. Think of a child. A child knows how to cry. Because he feels the need of a toy, he cries. In our case also, if we need God, our Divine Toy, then we must cry. A child is not satisfied until he has his toy. In our inner life also, we must cry. We are here on earth for thirty, forty, fifty or sixty years, but if we do not get something at once, then we feel that we should not take our aspiration seriously. We have to know that the thing that we want is all-important; then only we will value it. Our human difficulty is that we do not take anything seriously. We hope for name and fame, but if we see that we must climb up a tall tree in order to get what we want, then we lose interest. So, in the spiritual life also we want God, but before we realise God, we have to do a few things. If we feel inwardly the value of God-realisation in our life, then the so-called hardship that we go through is nothing. If we value the goal, then we are bound to walk along the path. What actually happens is that the road is long and arduous but, if we constantly keep the goal in our view and walk along the road, then we will reach our destination. If we really value the goal and cry for the goal, then there will always be some way for us to reach the goal.”
– Sri Chinmoy