“The inner cry creates receptivity.
Inside receptivity, gratitude flows.
Nothing else can produce it.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Gratitude is the most precious attainment in our spiritual life. Gratitude keeps our spiritual heart open, fresh and pure, a natural home for our higher self to grow, play and flourish.

Gratitude is a rare dazzling butterfly that flits around the periphery of our imagination, mostly eluding our grasp. It is we who must make of ourselves a fit receptacle to receive and hold gratitude. How?

“It is through the constant inner cry. We cry outwardly when we desperately need name, fame, outer capacity, prosperity and so forth. But when we cry inwardly, we have to feel that we are crying only to please and fulfil God in His own Way. The outer cry is for our own fulfilment, in our own way. The inner cry is for God-fulfilment in God’s own Way. If there is a constant inner cry, that means we are trying to please God, satisfy God and fulfil God in God’s own Way. If we can cry inwardly, in silence, then our gratitude increases, because inside the inner cry is the abode of gratitude, and inside the abode of gratitude is God.”
– Sri Chinmoy

How then, to keep our inner cry, so gratitude can grow in us?

“When you aspire for the inner cry, you should know that that very cry comes from God’s Concern and Compassion. So the most important thing is to offer your gratitude. If you offer gratitude, then immediately your inner cry increases. It becomes continuous and constant. When you offer gratitude, your inner cry mounts to the highest.”
– Sri Chinmoy

Our inner cry creates receptivity, which ushers in gratitude, which enhances our inner cry – parent and child of our spiritual growth.