The inner cry cannot be seen, touched, measured or analysed. Therefore, it is very difficult for our mind to grasp or acknowledge. The inner cry can only be felt, treasured and nurtured in our hearts.

In a scientific and economic world of facts, figures and statistics, there is no place or role for the inner cry, for there is no instrument to measure or quantify it. The inner cry flies under the radar of the desire-bound material consciousness, directly into the core of truth.

The inner cry is an alarm siren from the spiritual realm signifying its neglect, demanding our attention and action. It is the announcement and growing claim of our heart, a piercing ray intruding into our thought-clouded mental consciousness to summon forth our blazing higher self.

The inner cry is the source of all human longing for higher meaning and purpose; the source of all philosophy and theology; the source of self-transcendence. Beyond the divisions of the mental realm, which have plagued every man-made religion – words, thoughts, concepts, dogma, ideals and ideology – the inner cry is one in the depths of every human heart. It is the inner cry which alone holds the hope and promise of a universal religion, as Sri Chinmoy writes:

“The world will have one religion, but that religion is not a religion we can talk about. We cannot say that Christianity will be the only religion, or Hinduism, or Buddhism, or Judaism. We cannot say that one religion far surpasses another religion and that this particular religion has to be the only religion. No! There can be one religion provided that this religion is nothing short of inner cry, the inner cry to realise the Truth. One religion means one inner cry in all human hearts.”
– Sri Chinmoy