“God asks you to pay
Sleepless and breathless attention
To your heart’s inner cry.”

– Sri Chinmoy

“Always the inner cries
And the inner tears
Have to be kept
In good health.”

– Sri Chinmoy

If a train is heading to where we most want to go, we will do what we must to obtain a ticket on that train.

Our inner cry is the ticket to our destination; the passageway to our soul; our lifeline to God; our protection against ignorance and spiritual regression; our passport to happiness, progress, fulfilment, perfection, illumination and ultimate satisfaction. Of all our possessions, attributes, qualities and capacities, our inner cry is paramount, the only truly indispensable reality in our lives.

Therefore, protecting, cultivating and enhancing our inner cry is simply our top priority. The outer flows always from the inner. To “keep our inner cries in good health” means to tend the roots of the tree, for the roots are the tree’s source; the health of the roots determines the tree’s stature, appearance and wellbeing. If we neglect our inner cry, it fades and withers, loses its power and effectiveness – and everything else in our life, inner and outer, the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits of our life-tree, suffer and wither accordingly.

We can imagine that we exist only as our inner cry: we do not have a body, vital, mind or even a heart – our entire being, all that we have, all that we are and all that we will ever need, is our inner cry and nothing else. Feel that we can exist without food, water or even air, but we cannot exist without our treasure of treasures, our inner cry – for only inside the nest of our inner cry, can we be truly safe and our destination assured.