“Now that sincerity
Is your real name,
Your heart’s inner cry
Shall be able to answer
All your life’s questions.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Sincerity and the inner cry are interdependent. Each has the other’s back: they protect, nurture and depend on each other. An inner cry is sincerity’s choice; sincerity, the inner cry’s voice.

An inner cry devoid of sincerity is meaningless. Sincerity bereft of an inner cry, pointless. Sincerity focuses the inner cry, which gives purpose to sincerity.

Sri Chinmoy was once asked, how we can increase the power of our spiritual heart:

“How do we increase our heart-power? By being sincere in our inner cry. The more sincere we are in our inner cry, the sooner our heart-power increases. Sincerity is the living force, the quintessence of everything divine in us. It is the motivating force that increases the heart-power or the real in us. When we cry sincerely and soulfully, the right cause will present itself. Then, we will throw our entire existence into this cause. We will give it all our aspiration-power and dedication-power. At that time, we will find that the power of the heart increases immensely.”
– Sri Chinmoy

All our success and progress, happiness, self-transcendence and personal fulfillment flow from the union of sincerity with inner cry. It is sincerity which shows us we are ignorant and helpless, injecting intensity and urgency into our inner cry. It is sincerity which insists on a sanctum of inner silence, wherein our inner cry is established and finds its voice. It is sincerity which reveals to us the necessity of inner and outer purity, to nourish and liberate our inner cry; sincerity which demands our inner cry stays on its toes; sincerity which rallies us always to heed and follow our heart’s inner cry.