There are two aspects of our inner cry: the conscious and the super-conscious. Consciously, we cry to attain specific qualities, or to overcome certain obstacles in our spiritual life. We cry for that which we are aware we are in need of.

Yet behind, within, around and beyond our conscious cry flows the invisible, unfathomable inmost cry. It is not only that this inmost cry, cries for that of which we are unaware: this inmost cry itself lives, breathes, moves and operates in realms to us unknowable and inconceivable.

Our conscious inner cry is our instrument, inspired and directed by our aspiring will. Our super-conscious, inmost cry is the executing voice of the Supreme’s Will, shaping and employing us as God’s instrument in His cosmic Game.

The spiritual quality which most eludes us on earth, and yet calls to us most compellingly, is Delight. Happiness, joy, even bliss we are familiar with, as they come and go with apparent cause and effect: while Delight hovers ever ineffable, subtle, effulgent beyond our grasp.

Sri Chinmoy speaks of Delight as the source and goal of our inmost cry:

“Aspiration takes us immediately into the realm of Delight. From Delight we came into existence, from the transcendental Self. Again, in Delight we grow. Our inner being grows in Delight. The outer being may not be aware of it. The outer being goes through suffering, but the soul, the inner being, grows in Delight. At the end of our journey, we enter into the same perpetual Delight. This was the realisation of the Vedic seers, the seers of the hoary past. And also this is the realisation of all true spiritual Masters. Aspiration is that which offers us Infinity in the form of boundless Peace and boundless Delight.”
– Sri Chinmoy