Nothing is really solid. This applies to matter, as well as to ideas, feelings, perceptions, beliefs and sensations. So-called “solid matter” is comprised of atoms which are themselves formed of miniscule particles whirring around amidst almost entirely empty space, expressions of energy. As long as our minds perceive something as being solid, it is impervious to us: once we are able to identify with that same substance as an expression of energy, its solidity yields to our deeper perception – hence a yogi can walk through a brick wall.

When we are able to see ourselves also as not a solid entity, but rather as continually flowing energy and light, like a river apparently the same yet ever changing, then it becomes easier for us to let go of damaging thoughts and unhealthy emotions, releasing them into the flow, and keeping ourselves always open to the inflow of new inspiration, illumination and liberation.

“When you meditate, please try to feel the river of meditation flowing through you without coercion or exertion. Let the divine consciousness flow through you. That flow is the real meditation which you have had many, many times. You can always have the real meditation if you allow the river of consciousness to flow in and through you.

“Let this energy which comes in a very exuberant way, flow from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head like a river. Do not try to hold it. Let it not be accumulated at one particular place. Let it take the form of liquid energy. You will see that automatically you will become calm and quiet again. By consciously trying to help the energy flow from one place to another inside you, you will be able to enjoy that divine energy.”
– Sri Chinmoy