“Each cry
An inner unfailing revelation.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Read this poem using the mind: it can immediately be doubted. Feel this poem as an inner cry of the heart: it shines as its own immediate truth-revelation.

Our inner wealth is limitless, unfathomable, unimaginable. We know we have inner capacities, qualities and experiences that are beyond our conscious reach, but we have no way of claiming or grasping them as long as we remain bound by our mind’s limited capacity to perceive, to understand and to know. The mind’s headlamp casts a very small circle of dim light, outside of which the mind cannot see, and dare not tread. The inner wealth we seek lies beyond the mind’s furthest reach.

The mind’s instruments of perception – reason, analysis, deduction – have licence to operate only within the jurisdiction of the finite, beyond which they have no utility. The spiritual realm is accessible only to our heart’s instrument – our inner cry.

The moment we apply our inner cry, we step beyond the bounds of our mind’s imagination and fly into our heart’s skies of infinite possibilities and ever-blossoming realities. Itself arising from our soul’s beatitude, our inner cry ushers us to our mutual home of infinitude, revealing all that our mind does not, and cannot know.

Seeing, feeling, discovering the spiritual wealth revealed by our inner cry, we cannot help but assimilate and grow, more and more into that deeper, higher, vaster self within. All that we might ever become, awaits the beck and call of our inner cry. There is no telling how far and how high our inner cry can and will carry us, as Sri Chinmoy affirms:

“By virtue of our sleepless inner cries,
We definitely can enter into
A phenomenal state of consciousness.”

– Sri Chinmoy