Imagination has the power of invocation, lending force to our prayer, arousing and intensifying our will.

Everything that exists, started in the realm of imagination. The words you are reading were imagined, then written down; the chair you are sitting on was imagined, then designed and produced; you imagined yourself eating breakfast this morning, then it happened. Imagination paves the way and sets up reality. So to expedite any of our spiritual goals – from a silent mind, our highest meditation, to our ultimate illumination, liberation and perfection – the simplest, most effective course is to start imagining a silent mind, our highest meditation, start vividly imagining ourselves as illumined, liberated, perfect – here, now.

Unless we actively look for something, we may never see it even though we are right on top of it. Our silent mind, our highest meditation and our ultimate perfection are already within us, hidden largely because we do not seek them. To discover and reveal them we must first believe in them, then imagine them – intensely, fervently and one-pointedly. We then discover that we are not only moving towards illumination – illumination is seeking and beckoning us; indeed is actually running towards us.

While we may start our meditation-journey hoping for some stress-relief or a little inner peace, once we discover that meditation opens the door to the treasure house of ultimate treasures, how and why could we possibly settle for anything less?

As a child eagerly looks forward all year to Christmas, and cannot sleep on Christmas eve for the excitement and anticipation of the moment the presents will be opened around the Christmas tree, so must we imagine, anticipate, invite and invoke our illumination and perfection, the ultimate presents life can bestow.

To become your goal, imagine your goal – eagerly, devotedly, resolutely, constantly.