Eagerness is a universal currency of the inner realms: an executive force of love, commander of immediate action, impelling current of progress, dancing partner of newness and identical twin of delight.

Eagerness is always fresh and enlivening. Eagerness keeps us always positive, open and receptive. Eagerness is always creating, elevating, expanding and enlightening.

Eagerness amplifies and intensifies our aspiration; enriches, sweetens and heightens our meditation; vivifies, clarifies and glorifies our dedication. Bypassing time, overleaping process and eschewing formality, eagerness is for success and progress here and now. There is nothing that eagerness, in alliance with its spouse patience, cannot do for us. Whatever our goal, eagerness brings us face to face and into rapt embrace with our goal.

Therefore in all matters material and spiritual, let our first goal be eagerness.

A simple secret to nurture eagerness is to imagine that every day is the very first day of our spiritual life; that this morning we are awaking for the first time and meditating for the first time – every time. We have never known disappointment, sorrow or defeat; ahead of us extends only an ever-brightening dawn of hope, promise and progress. We do not invoke any memories of the past, even of yesterday, imagining only that now, this very moment, is the absolute beginning of our spiritual journey. We approach all our duties, spiritual and mundane, with the same wide-eyed newness and freshness.

We do not know anything or own anything: we do not expect, suspect, analyse, criticise or judge. We approach every moment as a newly-blossomed flower to the sky – with gratitude, delight and as a fresh page of unbounded possibility.

Whatever you are doing, hoping, dreaming or becoming, take each moment as your first, to be embraced with wonder, reverence – and eagerness.