Right in front of you is the most beautiful child, more beautiful, more perfect than you have ever seen in this world or could ever have imagined.

This child is an emissary from a far-away realm and will be here on earth for just 15 minutes, in transit to another even further-away realm.

During this brief stay on earth, you are chosen to be the child’s host. Neither of you knows the other’s language, so you communicate only through your eyes, smiles, gestures and silent signs.

With a single glance the child captures and captivates your heart and your entire being. With glowing eyes and a smile of pure charm, the child radiates supernal beauty, innocence, sweetness and delicacy. Just to see the child floods you with an exquisite, ineffable delight; you are lighter, brighter than ever, the world around you fluid with luminescent beauty. In the child’s presence you are your own best self.

You sense a refinement, sensitivity and sensibility far beyond your reach. It is clear to you that the notion of ugliness and the restrictions of negativity are unknown to this child. In all your being you are enveloped with an imperative to protect, to cherish and to treasure.

Exercise: Take your imaginary child outside. You have 15 minutes to convey all of the world’s good to someone who comprehends only love, happiness, brilliance, beauty, subtlety and perfection. Set a timer. In silence, look around and show your child everything that is beautiful, everything that is lovely, uplifting, inspiring, harmonious and divine in this precious world of ours. With a grateful heart you find beauty everywhere!

After 15 minutes, the child vanishes leaving the impression of an ethereal smile in your heart and all around a transfigured world of glistening beauty: your new home.