We seek peace, love, light and bliss.

Why? We yearn for these glowing realities, and are drawn to them as a moth to a flame. We imagine we do not have them, because we do not feel them at this moment. And yet, we know they exist, for we have fleetingly felt and glimpsed them from time to time – so, we search for them.

We search in so many ways. We train, we travel, we study, we explore, we implore, we strive, we fight, we play, we indulge, we abstain, we practise, we beg, we cry, we create, we destroy, we accept, we reject, we acquire, we sacrifice.

For peace, light, love or bliss, some would kill; many would readily die.

And then, we attain a glimpse, an opening, a moment, a murmur, a blossoming or effulgence of peace, light, love or bliss … before, inevitably it fades, subsides, retreats, withers or turns slowly away.

Whatever we grasp, we can drop; whatever we learn, we can forget; whatever we make, can be broken; whatever we find, can be lost. Whatever we have, can be un-had … but what we are, we can never not be.

We seek peace, love, light and bliss as experiences, adventures or possessions, as things that we yearn to have. And so our quest, even when successful, is ever ultimately in vain.

Our search can only be fulfilled when we realise a simple truth: we do not have, and can never have peace, love, light and bliss. We are peace, love, light and bliss; we were never, and can never be otherwise.

Let us give up seeking to have. From henceforth, let us yearn only to be. Behold, we are not only from the Divine and of the Divine: we are the Divine.