The sun is ceaselessly shining, radiating, beaming forth all its light, power, energy, heat, inspiration and illumination, freely and unreservedly for all. And yet, very often, we not only do not receive the light of the sun, perversely we even imagine the sun is not there at all. We look outside and see clouds, rain, gloom and sometimes complete darkness. We do not see the sun directly and so we surmise it is not there.

The sun is like our spiritual heart, which is all the time shining and offering infinite, ceaseless peace, light, love, wisdom and delight. The clouds, rain and darkness of the night are the thoughts and distractions of our mind, and the restless emotions of our vital, which we take as our reality, allowing them to obscure our vision of the clear light of the sun, our heart.

To bask in the permanent sunshine of our spiritual heart, we have only to clear away the clouds of our mind and gloom of our vital. When the mind and vital are empty and transparent, they no longer block, but transmit the heart’s light, love and joy clearly and faithfully.


You cannot get off a moving train. If you wish to alight from a train, you first need to wait till the train comes to a standstill. The moving train is our mind. For as long as it is in motion, we are a captive on that train. Meditation does not and cannot happen on the moving mind train. To meditate, we must exit from our mind, and to achieve this, we must first still the mind completely. Wherever and whenever the mind train eases to a complete stop, we need only to alight, to find ourselves at the meditation-station.