Go deep, deep under the sea, to where all is silent, invisible and unreachable from the surface world. Rising from the sea floor a mountainous landscape looms, silent, mythical. Hidden half-way up the side of a steep canyon, the mouth of a cave. Deep inside the cave is an illuminated glass dome, housing a wondrous tropical garden of lush plants, delicate fragrance and flittering silent butterflies.

The caretaker and inhabitant of this magical garden is a breathtakingly beautiful child, in whose glowing sweet smile you are enveloped within a single glance. The moment you set eyes on this child, all thoughts and worries evaporate, plans and desires dissipate, your self-consciousness dissolves as you melt under waves of pure love. You do not need to explain or say anything, for all is understood, all is known, all is accepted, all is loved, all is one. You can only smile, wonder and adore. There is light inside and emanating from the child’s eyes, soft, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-forgiving and all-illumining.

Language is superfluous. There is nothing to say and nothing to be said. Your communication is only through smiling, subtle gestures and especially, the light of the eyes. Like the child, you feel yourself weightless, liberated from yourself, relieved of life’s burdens and responsibilities, of all pretence and performance. The child is simplicity, purity, beauty, innocence and charm incarnate.

Implicitly, you are aware this child knows you better than you know yourself, seeing through and beyond everything you try to be, or think you are. Astonished in mute wonder, the being you see reflected in the child’s eyes is more beautiful and perfect than you could ever have imagined yourself to be.

In wordless wonder of breathless humility your true self, your selfless self, recognises, embraces and merges into itself, yourself.