Classes Q & A

We will be delighted if you are to join one of our free meditation workshops.  In our classes we cover the ABC’s of meditation including a variety of meditation exercises and techniques.

The classes are light, informal and sprinkled with personal stories from the instructors’ own meditation journeys, as well as the lives of great spiritual figures to both guide and inspire.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.

What do I need to bring?

Please wear comfortable clothes that will keep you warm (or cool) for the duration of the class.

What kind of meditation do you teach?

In our beginner classes we cover a range of techniques including breathing exercises, mantras, open and closed eye meditation, guided visualisations, music and meditation and meditation in the spiritual heart.

Why do you offer free meditation classes?

We offer the classes as a form of service at Sri Chinmoy’s personal request. We are very happy not to charge for any of our classes at any stage.

If you belong to a specific religious group, is it contradictory to meditate?

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation far surpasses the barriers of religion. One can follow any religion. Meditation is like a school, and religion is like a house. You can go to a school or college no matter which house you live in. Everybody can meditate no matter what religion he belongs to or even if he does not belong to any religion.


Why should I go to a class to learn to meditate when there are so many online resources?

For most of us learning meditation is trying something new and rather unusual. We don’t really know what to expect or what we will experience. Most of us struggle to conquer the busy mind – it can actually seem like an impossible task. Learning to meditate in a class helps us in many ways:

  • Other people in the class often are struggling with the same things that we may struggle with and also finding ways to overcome those challenges. This really inspires us to try too.
  • In a meditation class there is a oneness and a group energy that makes meditation easier than it would be on our own – people often comment on this in our classes.
  • We have the best chance of learning to really meditate away from modern day smart devices and technology. These can stimulate our mind and make it more difficult to concentrate and focus.
  • And lastly the commitment that we make to go to a class helps us to make that regular commitment to our own spiritual practice