“The acceptance of the spiritual life
Immediately indicates
The life’s real turning point.”

– Sri Chinmoy

We all feel we can be happier, better, wiser, more creative, more fulfilled. We feel there is something higher or deeper we have not yet grasped, there is more to discover, feel and experience – more for us to receive and offer to the world.

Our goal is forever beyond our present condition, so to reach our goal requires a journey of sorts, starting with a change of direction. A change of direction requires a turning point.

A turning point can be something as simple as opening a book or deciding to walk to the shops – leading inexorably to the single significant reorientation of our life’s trajectory, the moment we embrace meditation as more than another tool for self-improvement or gratification: rather as our long-sought, destined pathway to self-discovery and God-realisation.

Life’s turning point is the moment a bud blossoms into a flower; the moment a pupa emerges a butterfly; the moment a spaceship releases its booster rocket to soar free of the earth’s atmosphere; the moment the striker’s foot connects with the ball to fire it into the back of the net. If the goal is ever to win at life, meditation delivers life’s forever-winning goal.

From being lost in an alien outer world of illusion, meditation rescues us to find ourselves in our inmost intimate heart of ever-revealing, nourishing, blossoming reality.

The moment we sincerely, wholeheartedly embrace meditation as our own, announces our lives’ irrevocable turning point from unhappiness to happiness, from confusion to clarity, aimlessness to purpose, pessimism to optimism, frustration to fulfilment, insecurity to self-confidence, selfishness to selflessness, self-loathing to God-love, pride to humility, ignorance to illumination, desire-bondage to aspiration-freedom, sense-slavery to self-mastery, from human animal to divine human.