If you ask what quality we are most in need of, many will answer: “peace”. Peace is the prize universally lacking and universally desired.

This evening, please take a few minutes to practise the exercise “Breathe and Become Peace” (episodes 25 and 26).

After this exercise, remember back to what you were doing and how you were feeling at some busy moment earlier in the day. Ask yourself this simple question: do I feel calmer, more peaceful now than I was feeling at that time?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then follow up with another question: Where has this additional peace and calm I am now feeling, come from?

The inevitable answer is: ‘from within.’

Indeed – in which case, where was this peace at that time earlier in the day when we were not feeling as calm? If it has come from within, then it must have been within us at that time too, though somehow hidden from our conscious awareness.

If it was there at that time, why were we not feeling and experiencing it then? At that time perhaps we were focussed on other, external things, whereas now we have gone in search of peace, and sure enough, we have found it.

Isn’t it ironic that the one quality which we are most in need of, is actually within us and has been the whole time?

The greatest irony of life: everything we most need to be happy and fulfilled – peace, love, joy, wisdom, satisfaction – we already have within us, in infinite measure.

The problem is, we look everywhere else – all around us – for these things, without looking in the one place where we will actually find them.

Meditate – today and every day – to discover, enjoy and become: our treasure of treasures awaits within.