(… continued)

Imagine peace is now spilling over from the inner vessel in your heart, flowing into your mind, quieting your thoughts, so that your mind is now the smooth surface of a still lake; from there it flows into your feelings, calming and soothing your nerves and emotions; from there it flows throughout your physical body, easing and relaxing your whole being; from there it flows out into the room, spreading serenity all around.

There is now peace within you and all around you. From the crown of your head to the soles of your feet and to your very fingertips, you have become only peace. You are saturated, marinated in peace, you are the sea of peace. Above you there is only peace; below there is only peace; to your left and right and all around there is only an ever-expanding continuum of peace, peace, and peace…

Continue breathing in peace and breathing out peace: consciously imagine and visualise peace flowing into every part of your body; feel peace embracing, subsuming and inspiring every thought, feeling and emotion. You have become peace itself, your very name is peace.

Continue this exercise for as long as you need. Any thoughts or distractions which appear during this time, simply offer them to the sea of peace in which you are swimming and which you have become: thoughts will simply be lost and dissolved in the vastness of the peace-ocean.

Now imagine that deep inside your heart you have a safe. In this safe you keep not money and valuables but your inner, spiritual wealth. Fill this safe with all the peace you have breathed in. Carefully lock the safe. Now you know where your treasure, your inner peace is, for whenever you might need it.