Every day we cannot enjoy a sumptuous feast. Some days we might have all the ingredients on hand for a full banquet, while at other times we might go to the pantry only to find dry bread. If that is all that is available, then on that day we won’t starve: we get by on dry bread.

Meditation can be like that. On some days, without seeming to try, we find ourselves soaring in bliss without a care in the world. On other days, despite our fervent efforts, we just can’t disentangle ourselves from a maze of thoughts and distractions. Just as we eat every day to keep ourselves alive, so must we meditate every day, regardless of the perceived “quality” of the experience. Even on days when our meditation seems dry and tasteless, our day will flow better than if we don’t attempt to meditate at all. Discipline brings its own reward. The effort is everything.

Meditation is self-discovery.

The journey of self-discovery is eternal.

Imagine self-discovery is a grand palace which you are building brick by brick. Every time you sit down to practise meditation, you are placing another brick in the edifice. Some bricks may be buried away in the basement, yet every brick plays its role, each is as important as every other. Every time we practise meditation, we learn and gain something valuable, regardless of how well we feel we are meditating. Our palace is taking shape, brick by brick.

Every day we miss our meditation, one brick is taken away. So every day we miss, is effectively costing us two days, as we will have to spend one day replacing the brick that was lost before we can start to make forward progress again.

Never miss a brick.

Your palace awaits.