(… continued…)

Like the piano, our heart has many strings, each tuned to a spiritual quality. Whereas the piano has strings for various notes, our heart has a “Love” string, a “Beauty” string, a “Peace” string and so forth.

Most of the time these heart-strings are not resonating, as the dampers of our mind’s thoughts and problems press against them and prevent them from vibrating. Yet occasionally the mind’s dampers are caught unawares and something causes or allows our heart-strings to resonate.

A glorious sunset is like the trumpet of our experiment. Whereas the trumpet is blasting a “C”, the sunset is blaring “Beauty”. The “Beauty” string of our heart recognises its own quality and, thrilled, vibrates in sympathy with the beauty of the sunset. We exclaim “Ah!” as we are overwhelmed with a sense of beauty.

While we are outwardly seeing the beauty in the sky, nevertheless the actual experience of beauty is perceived and felt within, inside our heart. If our hearts did not possess a “Beauty” string, then when we see a glorious sunset there could be no resonance, and we would feel nothing. We would look up at the sky and just go: “Huh?”

This applies not only to beauty, but to all the spiritual and divine qualities: to peace, love, happiness, wisdom, joy, light, to truth itself.

The outer world is a mere reflection of our inner consciousness. We cannot perceive anything outside of ourselves which is not already within us. When we see or feel beauty, love, joy and other higher and deeper realities, something deep within is called forth or awakened.

So, next time you perceive suddenly a superb sunset, instead of exclaiming: “Ah, how beautiful is the sky!”, you should rather voice forth: “Ah, how beautiful – am I!

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