Aspiration is the single secret of meditation.

Aspiration is the inner cry, inner yearning for something truer, higher, vaster, deeper, freer, ever more perfect and divine.

Aspiration is a burning flame within us, a flame rising upwards and heavenwards higher and ever higher. It is beginingless and endless. Aspiration is the cry of the infinite for the infinite. It arises from the heart, from the infinite within us, and consumes our outer being until our outer finite self merges with and grows into its source, the infinite soul within.

Aspiration is a rocket within us. Just as the force of gravity pulls everything down to earth and prevents it from escaping the earth’s atmosphere; so the force of the finite, of ego and attachment ensures that our consciousness remains fixed in the earthbound, finite realm.

To transcend the earth’s gravity requires the stupendous impulse, power and thrust of a rocket engine. The rocket is aimed at the heavens and speeds only upwards, never deviating, hesitating or looking down or back, to fulfil its mission to conquer gravity.

Aspiration is that rocket engine in the spiritual realm. To liberate our consciousness from the ruthless gravitational pull of the finite, from the prison-cell of the earth-bound body, vital and mind, requires a sustained act of limitless will, a one-pointed aspiration that will be satisfied only when all thought and desire is subdued, and our identity subsumed in the Infinite, Eternal and Immortal.

Aspiration reveals to us that we not only have the soul: we ARE the soul, and nothing else.

Aspiration compels us to meditate and to practise our spiritual discipline. As long as aspiration is alive and intense in our hearts, our spiritual progress is assured. Therefore, to keep our aspiration-flame safe and burning brightly is our life’s primary obligation.