All of us have a sense that there is something or someone superior in wisdom and capacity – whether part of our own being or beyond us – to which or to whom we would ideally turn for guidance, instruction and inspiration. Be it a family member, friend or counsellor, a scripture, our spiritual heart, soul, God or some other deity, we all feel the need to turn to some source greater, deeper and more illumined than our own minds and emotions.

Those who meditate have come to realise that our most direct access to the source of infinite Truth, Light and Wisdom is to dive deep into our own spiritual heart, where the light of our soul can best be perceived.

Those who imagine God or the Supreme as an external entity have also come to realise, that to receive guidance and instruction from Above clearly, we must first calm and clear our thoughts and feelings.

Either way: to be open and receptive to our superior Source, whether within or without, it is essential to meditate.

At work, we start a task only after it has been assigned by our boss. Similarly, we should not contemplate embarking on our daily activities until we have checked in with whichever superior whose guidance we wish to abide by: heart, soul or God. This guidance pertains not so much to what we shall DO during the day, as to who we shall BE.

Just as we shower, do our hair and dress appropriately, so we need to “look good” inwardly before heading out into the world. Otherwise we will be letting ourselves down, as well as disappointing the world.

Check in with the mother ship; recalibrate your settings before any significant endeavour. Meditate prior to starting every day.