There is a widely held view that we are all either “morning people” or “NOT morning people”. Those who regard themselves as NOT morning people tend to find it more difficult to meditate successfully in the morning, and report better quality meditations in the evening.

Some are tempted therefore to forego their morning meditation, and meditate only in the evenings. This is a mistake.

Regardless of whether one finds it easier or experiences a better quality of meditation in the evening, as a cornerstone of spiritual discipline and lasting progress, morning meditation is indispensable. Meditation at any time is of course wonderful and always beneficial; however, as a transforming agent of our consciousness, there can be no substitute for meditation first thing in the morning.

Gliders are towed by a powered plane to a height and then released, to glide gracefully on air currents and gradually descend to earth. The sensation is free and weightless, the perspective clear and certain, the view all-encompassing.

Meditating in the morning is like being brought to a great height and then released to glide through your day, effortlessly and blissfully, until our life-glider eventually returns to earth. The higher we can start our day’s journey, the longer we remain airborne, the less chance of becoming snared in earthly entanglements. Our goal, with practise, is to start at a sufficient height to enable our consciousness to stay aloft throughout the entire day.

If we do not meditate early in the morning, we start our day at ground level, where we are far more susceptible to the roaming, devouring monsters of stress and ever-mounting problems.

Meditate in the evenings for a delightful experience by all means – but meditate in the morning for a smoother, clearer, happier glide through your day.