Sit alone, somewhere quiet.

Dive deep into your heart. We feel our spiritual heart in the region of our physical heart, in the centre of our chest, but deeper within. Imagine you are not your body, mind or emotions but only your heart of peace, love, light, joy and gratitude blossoming and spreading with the sweetest fragrance. You are all heart from top to bottom, within and without.

Now imagine your heart-consciousness is expanding, effortlessly and spontaneously. See your physical form inside your heart like an innocent doll. Still you continue to expand, a formless balloon floating ever higher and wider to encompass the entire room, your whole city and eventually our planet earth. The form of the world is subtle, though vibrant, alive. Everything within your heart is suffused with your heart’s love, light and bliss.

Still your heart continues to expand, to encompass our whole Solar System, galaxy and even the universe itself. The physical universe is but a tiny speck in the core of your exponentially expanding heart.

Our spiritual heart is vaster, infinitely vaster than the universe.

It knows no boundary, no limitation, hesitation or definition, no time, no space.

You are complete, perfect, pure, utterly free…

After some time you feel a beckoning from within. There is the tiny speck of universe whirling up within you, glowing with your light and delight. There inside the universe you find our galaxy, our earth. The entire world and all its beings are shining with the light, love and radiant smile of your heart, for all this is within your heart.

Here again is this room and within it, one especially beautiful, lovable form. This is yourself. Eagerly you enter once more into your pure mind, calm emotions and perfect body, ready for action.