Sit alone, somewhere quiet.

Focus on your breathing, bringing it under your conscious control, calming, slowing and making your breath one steady flow – in and out, in and out, through your nostrils. Breathe with your diaphragm, your upper body remaining perfectly still.

Imagine you are seated in meditation on the highest mountaintop, high, high in the Himalayas. Although the mountain is snow-clad, there is no wind and you do not feel cold. You feel rather an inner warmth, compeer to the warm, smiling sun.

The entire world is below you: valleys, ranges, rivers, forests, cities, sprawling plains, lakes, vast oceans, floating clouds. You are above everything: all human activity, noise, commotion, disturbance, responsibilities, stress, worries, fears and anxieties: all are a distant haze. There is not even the faintest murmur from the world below: all is silent, all is still. There are no animals or even birds anywhere to be seen or heard. The only sound is the soft beating of your heart, the rhythm of life. Above you hangs the infinite blue of sky, all radiant with sun’s light, power, warmth and contentment.

Time has evaporated; space a vapid concept. From within, an all-embracing boundless peace, your heart a fountain of ecstasy in waves permeating the sky. You are all; beyond all.

You are seated between the earth below and the heavens above; between the material and the spiritual; between sound and silence; the finite and the infinite; the mortal and the immortal; between the mind’s attraction to activity and the heart’s yearning for the unhorizoned ineffable.

You belong at once to both realms. You span both, you embody both, you rightly claim both.

Having embraced the sky and knowing yourself as infinite, happily you wend your way back down the mountain, to rejoin your life’s play.