It’s not that we don’t like the mind.

The mind is not bad. It is potentially extremely good. It has just headed in a wrong direction.

The mind is like an adorable little boy of the family who thinks it great fun to splash paint over everyone’s food – at every meal. At some point, his ways need to change, before we all starve.

The mind has assumed a role beyond its station, a job for which it is not qualified – ruler of the universe.

Wherever there is illness, there is also a cure. The cure for all the mind’s ills – and all the ills it causes – lies in the peace, love and light of the heart. This cure can only work when the mind gives up its attachment to greed, power and control – and surrenders to the heart. At present the mind feels that only it is qualified to rule our lives and our world; it does not recognise that the heart might have the necessary capacity to guide our lives peacefully, happily, successfully and gloriously.

A sick child appears pale, weak, glum and forlorn: when he is cured, all his enthusiasm, light and joy return. When it opens to the light, love, wisdom and power of the heart, the mind’s natural capacities blossom and the mind becomes what it is meant to be; a clear, brilliant, inspired server of our own and the greater good.

The transition from a mind-driven to a heart-centred consciousness is our most urgent need.

Allowing the infant-mind to drive our life-car has been an interesting ride, but could be leading us over a cliff. It’s high time we let the licensed driver take the wheel.

Our spiritual heart is more than ready … are we?

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