The mind divides; the heart unites.

Yesterday I was poring over some accounts; George was studying calculus – we were both much in our minds. We met and started a conversation. It happens that George and I like different colours, different kinds of music, different foods, movies and sporting teams. After 5 minutes, we made a long list – of all our differences.

Today, I’m singing my favourite songs, and George has been meditating – we’re both centred in our hearts. We meet on the street and chat again. After 5 minutes we make a new long list … of all that we have in common, our shared loves, passions and interests.

Yesterday our minds separated us. Today our hearts have united us.

So the mind and heart operate: the mind builds walls between us; the heart sees and feels only our oneness. The mind suspects; the heart loves. The mind grasps; the heart offers. The mind frowns; the heart smiles. The mind judges and criticises; the heart accepts and forgives. The mind dominates; the heart liberates. The mind hesitates; the heart accelerates. The mind sees problems; the heart seeks solutions. The mind sees spots on the moon; the heart sings to the moon’s beauty. The mind abhors the thorns; the heart adores the rose. The mind is old, tired and pessimistic; the heart is ever young, fresh and optimistic. The mind is master of the world; the heart, servant to the world. The mind espouses superiority in separativity; the heart proclaims unity in diversity. The shouting arrogant mind knows nothing; the whispering humble heart knows everything. The mind asserts “Me!”; the heart proclaims “Us”. The mind reduces me to my little lonely ego; the heart expands us to the wide universe, and beyond…