The soul is our source, the only part of us which is eternal – yet we have of the soul, only a vague awareness. We have become estranged from our own true self.

If you ask people if they have a soul, most will immediately answer, “Yes”. But ask them to prove it; you will likely get a blank stare of bewilderment. We have an intuitive awareness that we have a soul, yet no tangible experience of it. We can point to our bodies; we can run around to prove the existence of our vitals; we communicate using our minds; and we know our hearts from feelings of peace, love and joy – yet how to prove we have a soul?

Like God, the soul cannot be defined: it is what remains when all that can be defined is removed. The soul is beyond mortality, form, time and space, beyond thought, sound and silence. The soul is all-knowing and all-pervading; all Light, all Delight.

The soul is the spark of the divine within us, connecting us with the supreme consciousness, with God. Without a soul, we cannot exist, for the soul is the root and sum of our consciousness, the source of which all other levels of our being are partial, imperfect expressions.

While the soul is everywhere, we feel its presence most clearly when we can rise beyond the mind to meditate thoughtlessly deep within our spiritual heart.

Since we have no direct means to perceive our soul, we can only strive to approach it by degrees. To reach the 5th floor of a building, we ascend via level 4. Similarly, by immersing ourselves in the spiritual heart we gradually perceive, and ultimately know and become the fullness and perfection of our soul.

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