You have become the flame. You are inundated with the flame’s light, purity, simplicity, beauty and delight. Because you have become the flame, and a flame has no mind, therefore you have no mind. Because you have no mind, thoughts and distractions find no foothold in you. As a moth is singed upon entering the flame, so any thought or distraction which dares to approach, is instantly dematerialised.

This flame does not burn, harm or destroy: only it illumines, purifies and transforms. All within us that was limited, finite, imperfect, uncertain, weak – all is gone, as only the flame prevails, mounting ever higher, beyond thought, beyond time, beyond space. As the flame has grown all-pervasive, the very concept of ego and self-awareness has evaporated.

This flame represents the light of our soul: eternally perfect and pure, divine, all-seeing, all-loving, all-knowing, all-illumining, infinite and immortal.

After some time, allow your flame to start to diminish in size – though retaining the same brilliance and intensity. Just as you would turn down the wick of a lamp, so your flame slowly reduces and gradually returns to the tiny flame you started with, steadfast in the very depths of your heart.

Now slowly open your eyes and behold the candle flame before you. With a broadening smile of amazement, you recognise that this candle flame is a mirror image, a reflection of your own heart’s inner flame.

In silence, offer your heart’s gratitude to the candle flame, for reinspiring you to dive deep within in search of your own inner flame; for rekindling the flame of aspiration within you, your inner yearning to climb higher, ever higher in search of eternal truth, light and bliss; and for reminding and reintroducing you to the all-illumining reality of your soul’s light.