Intuitively, we feel we have a soul – though we only sense our soul as a vague presence, light, power or assurance: we have not seen our soul, and have no direct access to our soul.

Yet our soul is supposedly our only true reality, our inmost, highest, incorruptible eternal self. How then, to connect with this one essential part of our being, with which we have no open line of communication?

Our window to the soul is our spiritual heart: this window opens the moment we silence the mind.

“Thought is from the mental world. But you also have the heart, the identification-world. When you remain in the heart, that means that you are identifying yourself with the soul. The soul is beyond ideas, beyond thought. Instead of concentrating on the mind proper, if you can focus all your concentration on the heart, then the reality that looms large inside the heart automatically gives you an access to the soul. If you concentrate and meditate on the reality that is inside the heart, this reality comes forward. So always try to meditate on the heart and try to bring the soul to the fore. The soul, which is a direct representative of God, is the eternal reality in us.”
– Sri Chinmoy

How do we meditate on the heart? By inviting and focussing only on the divine qualities of the heart: peace, love, light, joy, oneness and satisfaction – and banishing all else.

Our heart is the moon to our soul-sun. While we cannot look directly at the sun, we can gaze endlessly and adoringly at the moon. Loving our moon-heart more and ever more, we increasingly know and gradually grow into the source of all its myriad beauty, sweetness, subtlety, light, power and delight – our soul.