“When you meditate,
If thoughts are flocking,
Then try to imagine
That God Himself is rocking
Your heart-cradle.”

– Sri Chinmoy

God is our highest Self. Whatever we experience, God is experiencing in and through us. If thoughts are bothering us and disturbing our meditation, they are bothering and disturbing God; they are blocking us from communicating and connecting with our God within, our own Source.

God wants and needs this conscious, open connection, infinitely more than we are aware that we need this conscious, open connection. And God has the capacity – easily – to dismiss our thoughts. So, since God is the One who most wants and needs for our thoughts to be brought under control, the simplest solution is to offer God the task.

For God to take care of our thoughts, all we need is to let go of our thoughts, and offer them to God. The easiest way to let go of thoughts is to remove our focus from them; the easiest way to remove our focus from thoughts is to focus on something more appealing and compelling. There is nothing and no one more appealing and compelling than God.

Just by thinking of God – God’s Peace, Light and Delight; focusing on God – God’s Beauty, Sweetness and Intimacy; concentrating on God – God’s Mastery, Mystery and Transcendence; invoking God – God’s Fulness, Perfection and Satisfaction; meditating on God – God’s Love, Compassion and Forgiveness – all our thoughts are obliterated.

“It is not your mind
That is more changeful
Than the tide.
It is not even your thoughts
That are more changeful
Than the tide.
It is your love of God
That is more changeful
Than the tide.”

– Sri Chinmoy

To control and transcend the mind and thoughts, ignore the mind and thoughts: just love God – more, evermore.