“Yearn with intensity
For the sea of purity,
If you want your life
To be as vast and as perfect
As the sky of divinity.”

– Sri Chinmoy

In the beginning of our spiritual life, purity can be a somewhat vague concept. As we practise meditation, we inevitably attain a little purity in our inner life, and soon we acquire a taste for purity. Purity is not something we can see, touch or even feel as a sensation in itself: rather we experience and appreciate purity for what the presence of purity opens up to us. Purity is a key to unlock the doors to all the spiritual qualities – peace, love, light, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, oneness, power, delight.

Purity is a most valuable, reliable spiritual currency. As in the desire-life, we yearn for money as a means to acquire all the material possessions, comforts and status money can buy; so, in the aspiration-life, we yearn for purity for all the inner wealth and riches purity opens and reveals to us.

As a smart person in the desire-world makes money his primary objective; so, a wise person in the aspiration-world prizes purity as his foremost goal.

Purity is the essence of everything valuable, everything real, everything perfect. Purity strengthens and solidifies our aspiration, determination and dedication. Purity clarifies our vision, emboldens our purpose, assures our hopes and insures our promises. Without purity, intensity is spineless and intention is gutless.

Pure must be our cry, our yearning, our longing for purity.

Purity is not a static state; purity is our action hero. Purity connects us to the cosmic energy grid; activates our boundless potential; releases our hidden glory; enables our highest dreams. Purity is our roaring certitude, dauntless courage, invincible armour, world-conquering weapon and Heaven-revealing charm.

Purity reigns supreme.