“A new day
Is a new way
To participate in
God’s new Cosmic Play.”

– Sri Chinmoy

“A new second is a new opportunity.”
– Sri Chinmoy

The quest for self-discovery and self-mastery through meditation is so long, the goal so distant, the journey ahead can appear daunting. Fortunately, meditation itself furnishes all the equipment we need for the journey: inspiration, aspiration, determination, courage, poise and patience, alongside the guidebooks, maps, tools, fuel, means of transport, and our personal guide.

Among our loyal companions on our endless inner journey, newness is a treasured ally and unfailing friend.

Our goal is always ahead; we are never there yet. To grow into our goal is to eagerly embrace an ever-new being within ourselves, seeing, feeling, thinking, experiencing, imagining, growing, giving and becoming in ever new ways.

Constant newness blossoms in perpetual openness, readiness and eagerness in our hearts and minds.

The closed mind defines and contains its projection of reality in fixed forms, bringing a sense of age and ageing, sameness, staleness, stagnation, imprisonment and ennui. Energy seeps away, inspiration withers, exhaustion invites the expiry of our quest. Our open heart is always young and ever new. Here nothing is fixed or formulated: everything fluid, forever flowing, unfolding, blossoming, evolving, surprising and fulfilling.

The mind marches in straight lines; the heart flows in curves. The mind likes to close cases and seal boxes; the heart loves opening gifts and revealing treasures. The mind freezes; the heart melts. The mind strikes; the heart strokes. The mind revokes, proudly; the heart invokes, sweetly. The mind is its own announcement of everything’s death notice; the heart its own advertisement of eternally new birth.

A mind without newness is a death sentence; a heart without newness, a life sentence. Meditation without newness cannot form any sentence.