“Do not look around at others.
Just go forward!
For you, and you alone,
Will be accountable for your inner progress.”

– Sri Chinmoy

Meditation is self-discovery. Only we can discover ourselves, and the self we discover is ours alone.
The inspiration to meditate dawns within; the fragrance of meditation spreads within; the fruits of meditation ripen within. Meditation is of ourselves, within ourselves, from ourselves, and for both ourselves and the world.

This is not to say meditation is a selfish activity – au contraire, through meditation we become a much better influence on others and can offer far better service to the world.

We strive to please others. We’ll adjust our schedule to fit in with others – let’s play frisbee at 4 tomorrow because that’s when Clive can make it – and we set aside our personal preferences for the needs of others – we’ll have the pizza without olives because Danielle doesn’t care for them.

When it comes to meditation, I must think of pleasing only one person – myself. Once I have found the peace, love, light and joy I seek through meditation, then I can happily share them with all.

Don’t wait for your friends or family to be inspired to meditate, before starting yourself. If you are inspired, this is your time and you must follow your inner call. Later will be too late.

Sometimes friends oppose our meditation practise for one reason or another. Don’t listen to them! A genuine friend will always support our happiness search and self-improvement quest.

You cannot give what you do not have: if you want to make someone else happy, then first find happiness in yourself – meditate! Only then your happiness can be shared.

Go alone. Start now. You will be happy, and your world will be perfect.