“In the small hours of the morning
God comes to me
Not to preach, not to teach,
But to love me, my entire being.”

– Sri Chinmoy

In the Vedas, the prescribed time for meditation is the Brahma Muhurta, or the Hour of God, around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. At this time, it is said the cosmic Gods commence preparing the earth and humanity for the coming day, so it is the best time for us also to start our day’s journey by attuning ourselves with the stirring of the divine creative forces of peace, light and bliss within.

Brahma is the Creator, so the Brahma Muhurta is the time of preparation and creation, of shaping and dreaming – not the meaningless, chaotic dreams of the vital, but the soaring dreams of our soul, the divinely inspired dreams of hope, promise, aspiration, vision and becoming. The coming day is in embryo, its possibilities are being sketched, moulded and energised.

Nature, which later in the day often obstructs our spiritual practice, at this hour harbours our meditation, as all is in the calm quietude of preparation.

Before the sun rises, the outer world is mostly asleep. It has not yet entered into its daily agitation-turmoil. The forces which routinely challenge and disturb our meditation are not yet active, as the engines of distraction recharge their batteries. There are few sounds or vibrations of human activity to disturb us; no pressure of appointments or earthly responsibilities; no schedule, no deadlines to meet; no need to be putting on a public face or persona; no audience to please or perform to – only God, Brahma, all around, all within…

As inner silence nears, we hear.

As inner stillness takes hold, we enfold.

As inner vastness extends, we transcend…